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DDW 2012: DAE changes our awareness

This year’s Graduation show at Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) set a completely new direction for our perception of trends, lifestyles, products, services and the world. Newly graduated designers break with the legacy of mass production. Their work manifests a new vision of new materials, new methods and our local environment.

1.       The new perception  of food

Cleo de Brabander – Knowledge Preserved – tells us about traditional methods of food storage that were used by generations from before the refrigerator era. I particularly like the sugar cube that regulates the humidity for cheese.

According to Sebastiaan Sennema- Urban Harvest – growing own food was the most important human activity on earth. It took only 50 years to forget how to do it. Sennema introduced a simple starter kit for the urban farmer. In a simple coconut fibre packaging you will find basic garden tools and linen bags with seeds.

Maaike Schuitema’s  – Food Pharmacy – is just like modern witchcraft. Nature provides us with natural medicine. We have often heard our grandmothers talk about the effect of food on our health. Instead of taking all kinds of pharmaceutical pills we can cure ourselves with “good food”. The only problem is that in our western society we don’t have a clue about medical food application and there’s no-one to teach us about it.


2. The new perception  of health

Michael Boulay’s – Measuring More to Feel Less – is a new perception of medical devices. Instead of measurement numbers the patient can see only the position of a led light indicating the sugar balance. Soft objects divert patient’s awareness from “medical” devices, creating a more intuitive and sensitive language.

Mingshuo Zhang – Humidifying Vase -. By watering your flower you give some water to yourself. This is a simple object for a healthy home. We all know the dry air we inhale during the winter period when the heating system kills all the wholesome water in the air. Due to dry air we often experience eye and throat irritation as well as an itchy skin. The Humidifying Vase works as a slow waterfall where you can observe the water droplets drip down the porcelain discs. It’s a self-regulating object; the drier the surrounding, the more quickly the moisture on the discs evaporates.

Roy Verbakel – Brainpens – :due to the introduction of the computer, pens have lost their main function. Nevertheless, we need pens to increase the workings of our brain. Roy Verbakel designed a series of pens for brains. For example, when you’re on the phone and you’re making useless doodles, you’re actually helping your brain to memorise better. According to a study published in the scientific journal Applied Cognitive Psychology, doodling can aid a person’s memory by spending just enough energy to keep one from daydreaming, which demands a lot of the brain’s processing power, as well as from not paying attention. The study was done by Professor Jackie Andrade, of the School of Psychology at the University of Plymouth. Other “brainpens” come with a special design system that eliminates irritating clicking and decreases our stress level.


3.       The new perception  of “making”

Tristan Kopp-prodUSER – is a design platform that offers an opportunity to get more involved in the creation of objects you purchase and use. The prodUSER approach to designing products starts with dividing the object into two categories of components. The first category is made up of components that you can easily buy in any DIY or specialised shop. The second category includes connection parts that you need to link all the components of the first category and build the end product. So, you have complete freedom to create a unique object.

Pieter Jan Pieters’ – Sound on Intuition – is definitely a new way of making music. This project gives a totally new dimension to traditional instruments that you have to learn to play and master for the rest of your life. Music tools designed by Pieters can be used by everyone who enjoys making music. The electronic devices contain sensors that will transform intuitive movements into music. If you lift your hand, the tone will follow it and rise. Your foot tapping the floor and your finger bending will translate into a rhythm.

Daan Brandenburg – Made in Brabant -: in the new future society, local will manifest itself as a different idea rather than in its traditional definition. ‘Local’ will be a more emotional and (im-) material place. The rural influence on the city and the urbanisation of the country will ultimately lead to the blurring of borders between ratio and emotion. It will result in the creation of sustainable, intelligent and humane habitats and spaces that determine the long-term success for happy region’s dwellers. I love the Made in Brabant project because it is very close to our regional culture. Brandenburg recovered and rebuilt an old machine that was used to make Dutch wooden shoes (klomp) to make other useful domestic products with it. According to the designer, this old tool offers endless possibilities to play with.


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