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DDW 2012: BlackStar Bamboo Bike

I met Imke Harms a few weeks ago, during the event at Pakhuis De Zwijger in Amsterdam.

She told me about her Bamboo Bike project. I was amazed that it is actually possible to build such a bike from this natural material. We all know Biolove Bamboo by Biomega Bicycle, designed by Ross Lovegrove in 2009. But, unfortunately not everybody can afford such an expensive design item.

That’s why I am a fan of the BlackStar – a new bamboo bike designed and developed by Imke Harms, Taco Temminck and Seb Soeters. The three designers decided to cooperate with local manufacturers in Ghana (Africa). Their know-how and the availability of raw materials provided an excellent opportunity to produce city bikes for the western market as well as for local usage.


The whole idea was born out of a desire to produce a bamboo bicycle that would be more than just a novel gimmick. The BlackStar therefore combines all the ingredients of the safe and stylish urban bicycle transportation to which we are accustomed, with socially and ecologically sustainable and affordable mobility.

During Dutch Design Week you can make a test ride with a BlackStar bike that you can pick up at Urban Wheelz Center in Office-S, Building Videolab | Torenallee 20 (basement) | Strijp S.


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