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Ambiente: Ambiente Trends 2012

Optimism, great splashes of colour, exhilarating contrasts and the reduction to essentials are the qualities that characterise the consumer goods trends of the 2012 season by the Trend Show at Ambiente 2012. The presentations of the trends involved several hundreds of products from the latest collections of around 4,500 Ambiente exhibitors.  The four trends ‘electric romance’, ‘dark attitude’, ‘light innocence’ and ‘radiant modernity’ provide an overview of the main currents in the consumer goods field:

‘Electric Romance’  presents folklore, traditional and old handicraft techniques completely in keeping with the times, carefree and with a touch of humour: natural and recycled materials are presented in lush summer colours like grass-green, cornflower-blue or vermilion and in pastoral designs using flowers, checks, twig-and-leaf patterns and bird motifs, as well as rustic embroidery.

‘Dark Attitude’ is the diva among the Ambiente trends: the combination of casual and glamour creates a look that is nonchalant and fitting for everyday use and yet self-confident with a daring touch of extravagance: fine woods are combined with shimmering metals and grainy jeans fabrics; there is a frequency of sculptural forms and the dominant colours are strong, low-contrast shades like navy-blue, chestnut, smoke-grey or graphite black.

‘Light Innocence’  has a much more subtle, softer and puristic feel. As the main theme, light creates an almost etherial ambience in powdery pastel shades. Glass in all its nuances, porcelain and delicate ceramics as well as organic forms emphasise the gentleness and restraint of a style that is utterly devoid of anything bold or striking, in keeping with the motto: less is more.

‘Radiant Modernity’:  Characterised by a conspicuously eye-catching colour scheme consisting of designs in jazzy colours and the shapes of the 70s and 80s, this trend is quite daring. Intensive shades such as radiant yellow, dark aubergine or bright fuchsia are often used all over or in the form of graphic patterns. Wood, metals and leather also come on strong in colour.


Trends are prepared by bora.herke.palmisano stilbüro






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