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Ambiente 2015| TREND BOOK

According to Nicolette Naumann, Vice President Ambiente, the annual Ambiente’s Trend Book serves as a valuable guide and a major source of inspiration for the trade visitors. With this year’s theme of ‘Sehnsucht’(Yearning), trend experts have selected a multi-faceted, emotional and striking keyword to reflect the variety of products at Ambiente in an approach that is innovative as well as exciting.



4 trend worlds inspired by feelings of yearning and nostalgia


Clarity + lightness: design in all its simplicity
Pure and simple, with a touch of the romantic, this style provides a feeling of freedom and lightness. Light blue, lime green and gentle wood tones harmonise with unobtrusive nuances of white and grey. Fine materials and delicate designs are sensitively combined: anything that is overloaded and exaggerated is alien to this poetic trend. A love of simple design goes hand in hand with the refined elegance of the materials and surfaces: moving structures typify this look with fine reliefs, open work and fine-mesh weaves. Textiles nostalgically interpreted to include pleats, tucks and lace match up with fine wood grains and romantic blossoms and tendrils. To match this soft colour palette comes fragile glass – finely chased, frosted or with a metallic coating and a cool sheen.



Craft + culture: living tradition
A return to one’s roots leads to a greater appreciation of traditional materials, forms and processes of manufacture. Experimental mixes provide the theme for the fusion of cultures and the blending of traditional and modern production techniques. Carpet and textile art, ceramics, basket weaving, artistic paintwork and unusual haptics are the inspiration behind the imaginative design. Irregularities and deliberate imperfections reveal themselves in intense shades of camomile yellow, tourmaline, claret, indigo and rust-brown. Vivid blends and gradients of colour are further enhanced by powerful brushstroke designs. These are joined by expressive textiles set with fringes and a striking woven look, vivid embroideries with abstract graphical patterns and a folkloristic touch, as well as carpets with tufted textile surfaces with varying pile depths. Porous, sandy ceramics, strongly grained woods and materials such as sisal, raffia, rattan and canvas emphasise the affinity with nature.



History + elegance: exquisite luxury
Citations from history and luxurious materials are the starting point for modern designs that are full of elegance and passion. The urge to explore the world of fantasy and mysticism is celebrated in shades of dark mahogany, midnight blue and caviar black, with rosé, shimmering pearl and a glittering bronze providing theatrical colour accents. The finest materials with sensuous surfaces and a decorative patina provide that touch of opulence and glamour artistically staged and combined with high-tech equipment. The interplay of materials and textures is exquisite: Highly polished, veined marble joins up with dark varnished wood. Impressive are the finely facetted metals or geometric relief motifs. Along with cast iron or aluminium with the look of cast iron, the spotlight is on copper, bronze, brass and chrome, either in a high-gloss, matt or hammered finish. Wooden panelling in a traditional look turns out in fact to be thermo-shaped jersey laminate. The luxury look is rounded off with traditionally figured porcelain, soft leather, velvet and chenille.



Humour + curiosity: a note of carefree optimism
The playful insouciance of childhood is the inspiration behind this optimistic design trend which greets everyday life with a smile. A bold farrago of colours such as mint, orange, rosé, nougat and graphite joins up with unusual materials and a straightforward variety of forms. The design credo is ‘humour’, with unorthodox solutions providing surprises of a very special kind: A look of spontaneity for all those with a penchant for the offbeat, the outlandish and the scurrilous. Moving multi-colour effects rub shoulders with monochrome surfaces in matt or high-glass. Mirror foil and iridescent surfaces form a contrast with dull rubber, silicone, fleece, foam and recycled plastic. As an expression of joie de vivre, motifs, lettering and graffiti receive a generous amount of space.




The trend bureau Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano provides the Ambiente trends for 2015.




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