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Ambiente 2014: “Way of Tea”

For the first time Ambiente welcomed Japan – a first partner country from outside Europe. An interesting choice, I can say. Both Europe and Japan are victims of economic crises, redefinition of their industry and changing consumer patterns. Japan is a very good example of a country with very advanced technology that goes hand in hand with a very strong celebration of cultural rituals and crafts. I have never before seen so many Asian high-quality brands during the annual Ambiente in Frankfurt. Alongside Japan, there were a lot of companies from South Korea and Taiwan. Most of these companies showed their traditional skills, material craftsmanship and products that support their daily rituals. Most interesting was the magnitude presence of habitual tea pots (tea caddies) and cups (bowls).

The ‘Divan’ Tea Set

Lin’s Ceramics Studio collaborated with Dutch design team PeLiDesign to develop brand-new tea sets through the fusion of Western lifestyle and Eastern aesthetics. PeLi drew inspiration from romantic writings in Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s West-Östlicher Divan. He imagined himself as travelling artists and followed the footsteps of the masters, hoping to discover magnificent new realms by infusing Eastern inspiration. The designer chose to make the collection in three different materials: Porcelain, Pottery and Purion, each for a different sort of tea.




String Enamel Tea Set

Gearlab designers, JIa Inc. in cooperation with National Palace Museum of Taiwan introduced a String tea set made of enamel on steel with a warm and elegant white finish. The String Enamel Tea Set can be used for the gong-fu tea ceremony as well as for our Western tea brewing. Designers perfectly crossed the boundaries between traditional royal artefacts and daily objects offering an alternative translation on classics from emperors’ palaces to modern living.

String Enamel Kettle_Pro 2 String Enamel Kettle_G1 String Enamel Kettle_G2_JIA Inc String Enamel Kettle_M


Tea set Mavi by ASA

The new tea series ‘MAVI’ is made of bright, elegant porcelain with a touch of the warm shade of the copper-coloured metal handle. Tea pots come in three sizes in combination with the copper-coloured table sets and the copper-coloured accessories.

Mavi_asa Mavi_Teekanne_Tischset


Rice Tea Set

Jia Inc. teamed up with the very talented German ceramic designer Laura Straßer who created the Rice Tea Set made from rice grain porcelain. It is a traditional porcelain-making technique dating back to the Ming dynasty (a.d. 1368). Rice plays with the subtle contrast between glazed and unglazed finishes, thus creating daily dinnerware with a touch of sophistication.

JIA2 IMG_10521 JIA_Rice Tea Set_ChaiHai_Pro 1



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