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Ambiente 2014: Trend Book

The beginning of the year is always very crowded with a lot of trend-sensitive fairs. One of these fairs is Ambiente – the annual consumer goods international fair in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

This year Ambiente was the most successful fair in more than a decade. The event closed its doors with a 3.5 percent increase in the number of visitors. Altogether, 144,000 buyers from 161 countries and exhibitors from 89 countries occupied 329,300 square metres of exhibition space (gross).

Every year, Ambiente publishes their Trend Book and organises a special exhibition that visualise the described trends in greater detail. Visitors can also join free trend lectures.

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Trends 2014


Stunning Temper.

Messe Trendbuch 2014 final.indd

Nonconformists with an abundance of vitality and wit will love Stunning Temper. In this imaginative style, whimsy is given free rein. The cheerful colour palette includes reseda, mandarin, lime green, red and raspberry, teal, light grey and apricot. Powerful monochrome surfaces and surprising colour progressions cover furniture, objects and entire walls. Surfaces with effusive designs highlight the playful mix. The colours of photorealistic motifs are distilled, decorations arranged extravagantly; there’s an almost surreal experimentation with materials and forms.


Subtle Spirit.

Messe Trendbuch 2014 final.indd

Quietly and discreetly, Subtle Spirit gives rise to an exceptionally refined aesthetic. Harmony determines interior design – comfort, warmth and intimacy are important; materials and craftsmanship are of the highest standard. Jade, mauve and matt gold accentuate the delicate play of colours such as midnight blue, fir, and aubergine. Against the background of nuanced tones such as these, stylish exhibits and unique items of particular elegance are displayed to great advantage. Lights and accessories add a touch of Asian poetry; decorations have an enchanting, atmosphere-laden density.


Serene Nature.

Messe Trendbuch 2014 final.indd

In perfect tranquillity, Serene Nature celebrates the magic of the pristine. Natural materials, simple forms, subdued furniture and accessories heighten the unassuming chic. Diffidence is trumps. Pastel colours make for a carefree atmosphere and range from taupe, violet, peach, and skin tones to grey, sand, white and black. Compositions featuring natural stone, wood and cork used in innovative ways make for a smooth transition between indoors and outdoors – never rustic, always highly cultivated.


Striking Mind.

Messe Trendbuch 2014 final.indd

Striking Mind is characterised by strong colours and clear-cut lines. In addition to black, white, slate and tobacco, chrome, blue and intense yellow set powerful accents. The use of monochromes enhances their effect. Linear patterns are used sparingly, but in ways rich in contrast. The formal language is objective, concise and geometric with sharp contours preferred. The play of light and shadows emphasises the graphic effect of three-dimensional objects. New editions of classics and austere original designs transmit clear signals here. The focus, consistently, is upon functional perfection.


Trend Book, exposition and lectures are made in cooperation with bora.herke.palmisano design studio.

Here you can download the AMBIENTE TREND BOOK_2014

More information: Ambiente Trends 2014




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