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Ambiente 2014: Modern Primitive Man

At the annual Talents exposition this year, project “Wrought Bowls” caught my attention. Czech artist Adam Zelezny created  a beautiful collection of wrought vessels based on research into ancient Peruvian methods of pottery-making. In the course of the research he tried to master the technique of the Peruvian potters, who used only various stick and stones. By means of specific hand movements, they created round containers such as jars, bowls and vases without the use of a potter’s wheel, which they had no knowledge of. Using rare, highly plastic clay from Hostomice and this ancient technique, Adam Zelezny was able to create thin-walled vessels with a unique surface reminiscent of hammered metalware. Despite their apparent fragility, these pots can be used routinely. With their crude character of freestyle pottery, they create an unusual contrast with conventional mass-produced white pottery and porcelain on the table.


DSCF2023 crop_2184_02AdamZeleznyPorcelan49 bowl-10_1 bowl-09_3 bowl-08_3 bowl-08_2 bowl-08_1 DSCF2024


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