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Ambiente 2014: In transit

We all know the “famous” coffee-to-go phenomena which you can see in the commuter’s hands every morning in big modern cities like New York, London or Amsterdam. Everywhere: metro, trains, buses and in the car – we all grasp our morning cup of coffee like it is our only motivating carrot and stick. This made (i.e. my modest conclusion) Starbucks and others very big. They (coffee sellers) made us addicted to this overpriced “beverage to-go” and we cannot imagine our daily life in the crowded cities without it.

This kind of “in transit” lifestyle was very much present during the Ambiente. You could see a lot of different folded and hanging water bottles, coffee cups, sandwich packs and roll bags, BBQ-to-go, trolleys, modern picnic baskets as well your own “Wishing-Table”.

ALA_Lifestyle-One Handed Water Botl-PurpleGreen_CMYK

Above: Aladdin

takeya flashchill_teamkr

Above: 2 x Takeya

KitchenAid_Personal Coffeet

Above: KitchenAid – Personal Coffee Maker



Above: 2 x Stelton – ToGoWater

World Create_silicone bottle active_fold_ss active_image

Above: 3 x World Create – Silicone bottle

1_sg_verd_front_estampat 2_sg bocn_roll_-_snack_pack_green boc-new-sq_1-190657


Above: 5 x Roll ‘eat’

To Go Grill black belt 571023 To Go Grill black regi 571023

Above: 2 x Eva Solo – To Go Grill

DSCF2014  DSCF2016

Above: 2 x Silo Design

DSCF1870 DSCF1872

Above: 2 x Forexim – Flatware Pack

Ecomaku_Bolsa_Suelta ecomaku1 ecomaku

Above: 3 x Rolser

alessi-petnic-travel-organiser-for-p ammi27gr-2

Above: Alessi – Petnic travel organiser




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