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Ambiente 2014: [FUN]CTION

For the 3rd time, Messe Frankfurt organised a special exhibition titled “Solutions”. Curator of the event was the British designer Sebastian Bergne. He collected products that had some interesting added functional innovation. All products were from Ambiente exhibitors, from famous companies to small creative suppliers. Bergne  selected items that featured new materials, technologies or specific design ideas. The overall subject was clever solutions for everyday problems in the kitchen and household.

The tendency of designing “products with intelligence” was a very popular topic this year. It looks like many of our daily inventions will transform in the way our phones transformed from gadgets to smart Internet devices. Maybe today’s creations are not yet equipped with very advanced technology, but they are very clever and helpful indeed.


Above: Solutions 2014

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Above: Dishwashing bowl with straining plug by Joseph Joseph

711qABBncwL._SL1500_ 9012610367518 twixit

Above: Twixit Bag Clip

2way_cup_h4 2way_cup_h2 2way_cup_h3

Above:  2WAY plastic wine glass by Kinto

Magic_Grip_Kitchen_63-001_23A325_baking_dish_20cm_with_lid_21cm_02 Magic_Grip_Kitchen_63-001_23C108_jug_small_0,50l_with_lid_11cm_02 Magic_Grip_Kitchen_63-005_232013_deli_ja_writeable_0,10l_02 Magic_Grip_Table_63-001_233361_platter_medium_24cm Magic_Grip_Kitchen_01._KAHLA

Above: Magic Grip by Kahla

reisenthel_mini-maxi-basket_a4 BV2004 BV2004 BV2004

Above: Mini-maxi basket by Reisenthel

FIS_Q!_Small_bowl_application (2) FIS_Q!_Small_bowl (1) FIS_Q!_Small_bowl (2) FIS_Q!_Small_bowl (3) FIS_Q!_Small_bowl_application (1)

Above: FIS Q! by Fissler

joseph-joseph-prep-and-serve-large-g prep-and-serve_atmo_2

Above: Prep and serve by Joseph Joseph

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Above: Filter in bottle by Hairo

SOI inside without bag SOI_0023_free_sk SOI_5350_bag-hand-key_k

Above: SOI bag light