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Ambiente 2013: “Welcome to the jungle”

“Welcome to the jungle” – this was the title under which the Ambiente Trends 2013 were presented. Every year consultants from bora.herke.palmisano prepare the forecasting that is not only available as a booklet free of charge but also as a physical stage expo. This year, the four trends were displayed in the light space of Galleria 1. To make the exposition trend more tangible and less abstract as well, they displayed several hundred products from the Ambiente exhibitors’ latest collections.



Just how easily the contrasts between poetry and practicality can sit side by side is shown by “blossom field”. Romantic floral patterns in pastel shades, playful shapes and delicate materials go hand in hand with understated modernity. This includes home textiles with graphic patterns and clear stripes, lattice structures and chrome. The colour palette ranges from intense rose-red to delicate pastel shades with black and white providing a neutral counterpoint.



With “classic ground”, an elegant urban lifestyle is characterised by the use of traditional, high-quality designs that, with tasteful arrangements, manage to create a tidy, comfortable ambience. Rich orange and cool blue deliberately disrupt the neutrality of greys and browns, lending a touch of retro and that certain extra something.



The “eccentric domain” trend is all about extravagance, decadence and glamour: decorative shapes, unusual patterns, extraordinary surface effects and extravagant accents in pink, jade and plum. The antique and the surreal are combined with amused and amusing detachment.



With “contrasting sphere”, there is a captivating contrast between dry, porous textures and brilliant gloss. Colours of the desert range from light sandy colours and golden ochres to dark brown. Natural materials, traditional hand-crafted work and innovative high-tech processes create an atmosphere full of tension, an effect that is familiar and futuristic at the same time.


Trends are prepared (annually) by Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano.



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