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Ambiente 2012: LEGO™

For generations, LEGO® products have been known and loved by children and their parents all over the world. The LEGO brand is among the strongest brands in the world aimed at children and their families. Due to its success, Lego has spent years filing lawsuits around the world trying to keep anyone else from making interlinking blocks. Patents last for about 17 to 20 years, and then the idea is in the public domain. Anyone in the world can then produce it legally under their own trademark, at any level of quality they choose, and at any price point they choose to set. Unfortunately for Lego, the Lego’s patent (Trademark) recently expired, and a host of cheaper competitors have now burst onto the toy scene, but such is the strength of the brand that this has not had any impact on the brand, yet.


Plast Team partnership with the LEGO Group
The LEGO Group has signed Plast Team as a Licensing partner in the two categories: LEGO Storage and LEGO Lunch. Both collections has been developed  by Plast Team’s head designer Morten Røssel in very close collaboration with the LEGO Group. Therefore, the products are true to the original LEGO brick and LEGO mini-figure shapes.

LEGO Greenhouse.

Last year, during the London Design Festival 2011, Covent Garden celebrated with the LEGO Greenhouse Installation curated by British designer Sebastian Bergne


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