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Ambiente 2012: The Blue D1653

Call it contemporary nostalgia, new originality or the purest form of Dutch Design; Blue D1653 brings together the best design of two eras in one collection. With the Blue D1653 collection, Royal Delft combines the time-honoured trade of the Master Painters with the powerful design of modern Dutch Designers. Interaction between the present day and history, expressed in a unique collection of decora­tive objects and consumer products for food, mood & lifestyle.

The Blue D1653 collection is designed by the (Dutch) guild masters of the 21st century: modern, well-known Dutch Designers Damian O’Sullivan, Arian Brekveld and Chris Koens and master painters Caroline Hartman, Simon van Oosten and Paul Bartels. They invent and develop new products, taking their inspiration from the Royal Delft Master Painters. These painters paint the refined guild artwork of the earthenware and have learned through tradition and strict selection. The cooperation between the Designers and Royal Delft Master Pain­ters results in products with a distinct character; Delft Blue meets Dutch Design.


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