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Ambiente 2012: Let’s make coffee!

After years of trendy convenience coffee products such as:  capsules, pods (pads) and other easy-to-brew systems it’s  now time for old school coffee!

Brands like Koziol and Bodum introduced their new appliances. Koziol with its simple, non-electric camping coffee and Bodum with its electric full Americana experience. Also student’s concepts by Ambiente Talents were focused on ‘slow brewing’ coffee moments.

What amazed me is the polarising scope of materials ranging from colourful plastic-fantastic to natural materials like glass, ceramic and wood.

above: x 2 Unplugged by Koziol

above: x Bodum

above: Seppl | Espresso machine in porcelaine by Arvid Hausser

above: x 2 Klara | Glass vessels suitable for induction cooking by Stephan Bohn


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