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Vision of XXI century

Between 1899-1910, Jean-Marc Côté and other artists issued in France a series of futuristic pictures of France in the Year 2000 (XXI century). Originally in the form of paper cards enclosed in cigarette/cigar boxes and, later, as postcards, the images depicted the world as it was imagined to be like in the year 2000. There are at least 87 cards known that were authored by various French artists, the first series being produced for the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris.

It is really amazing to see how (nearly) all pictured ideas have come true. Of course we should take some distance and look at the pure idea. Many of these visions tell hidden human dreams and needs. The most frequent prediction involves airborne transportation and flying for leisure. Other pictures are about playing and looking around in the underwater world.

I selected a few “predictions” and compared them with things that we know today. They are pretty accurate!


1. A very busy farmer



 2. A house rolling through the countryside



 3. Electric scrubbing



4. A well-trained orchestra



5. Correspondence Cinema (Video telephony)



 6. Intensive breeding



 7. At school



More images here




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