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Grinders, food dryers and oil presses which do not require power, seem to be something to be ashamed of, something we have already cast away, since, after all, everyone wants to have a trendy kitchen with “designer” appliances. However, the majority of these devices are made to age quickly and have a predetermined life span, which forces us to replace them with newer models. Somehow, the products offered by young designers seem to be timeless. Even if they are damaged, the materials from which they are made and their construction elements can be easily repaired, replaced, and, as a last resort, naturally recycled.

Print A pinch of salt Dematerialized Memento Oil on Rakija to go_01 Ro+¥onj Croatia a la carte

Above: 6 x projects from the exhibiton “Hungry Designers”at Ventura Lamrate


505335918_1280x720 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Elena-2 Elena-3 Juliana Update-1 Lethian-1 Lethian-3 Sofia-4 Sophie-1

Above: 8 x projects from the exhibition “The Tomorrows Collective” by Lund University at Ventura Lamrate




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