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It has always been and always will be the domain of the wealthy elites. The financial crisis caused the wealthy people to become even more wealthy, and their extravagance underwent a transformation. Louis Vuitton, who does not need to be introduced, has created a very specific brand. He is one of the icons of “the bold and beautiful”, but the streets are full of fake LV products, which are more tawdry than exclusive. Meanwhile, the company tries to turn to a populist design. In the beautiful Palazzo Bocconi at the stylish Milan street Corso Venezia, LV presented interesting interior design products – a leather hammock, a foldable camp bed, a swing, a hanger for potted flowers, several tourist folding stools and even Macatu – a clothes bag -looking almost like it came from a miner’s wardrobe.

Has the brand started to appreciate average people and common things, or have the rich people finally decided they want more normality in their lives? The exhibition was entitled “Objets Nomades”!

Wystawa Objets-Nomades-Louis-Vuitton-2.jpg

Above: a leather hammock by Atelier Oi (Louis Vuitton)

wystawa Objets-Nomades-Louis-Vuitton-3

Above: ‘Concertina chair’ by Raw Edges



Above: ‘Marcatu’ by Fernando and Humberto Campanataboret_01 taboret_04

Above: 2 x ‘Stool’ by Atelier Oï

skaldany taborecik_01


Above: Handbag that folds into a stool by Patricia Urquiola


Above: ‘Ernest bed’ by Gwenaël Nicolas

wieszak na doniczki

Above: Totem Floral by Damien Langlois-Meurinne



Above: woven leather mesh ‘Swing Chair’ by Patricia Urquiola



Above: lamp by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby



Above: ‘Hammock’  by Atelier Oï



Above: ‘Beach chair special edition’ by Maarten Baas




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