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Milan 2013: Secrétaire

Funny how the word “computer” is becoming old-fashioned. Even the word “laptop” sounds like yesterday. Today we use smartphones or tablets. When we think “computer”, we see a big plastic desktop box in a fancy DELL-Blue-colour. This is already part of our history and the technology of the past era. Today, all devices are small, flat, with multi-touch screens. This means a new revolution around our office desk! We are going back to a chique  secrétaire table. Amazing to observe how we have made a loop. From a piece of paper, a dip pen and and inkwell to a flat interactive tablet that perfectly fits in our davenport desk’s drawer.

Above: Zanotta

Above: Nika Zupanc


Above: LETTI&Co

Above: Adele -c

Above: Tjep

Above: 2x Emilie Stahl Carlsen

Above: Filip von Hauswolff

Above: 2 x Halloessen